MetOcean Marine Consultancy

Provide operational support throughout the project life cycle. Carry out remote systems monitoring. 


Metocean Ltd Marine Consultancy And Training

  • site visits
  • on-site platform & systems survey
  • data/system monitoring
  • equipment/Sensor exchange

Consultancy Services:  Project Management - Proposals, Buoy -Operations - Vessel & platform Instrumentation solutions. 

Specialised taught short-courses 

 covering boat electrical wiring systems and equipment. Tailored to your requirements.

MetOcean Ltd

  • Power Generators
  • Photovoltaic Solutions
  • Portable Power Packs
  • Data Buoy Instrumentation​
  • 7-Day Response

  • Marine Vessel Surveys
  • Instrumentation Sales 
  • Design Services
  • Project Management
  • Remote Site Solutions


     With over 30 years experience


  • Electrical Engineering  - Design, Inspection and Testing
  • Instrumentation Engineering - Process controls systems
  • Marine Engineering - Vessel surveys, Marine instruments
  • Systems Design - Bespoke Solutions
  • Inspection and testing - Verification and Compliance checks

Marine Consultancy & Training - Metocean Ltd

We will discuss all aspects of the project planning stage to ensure we deliver on time and to budget.. 

MetOcean marine consultancy conduct a comprehensive service requirement assessment.