Limited/Part Survey

​Limited survey to cover specific areas of the vessel or as defined in the survey contract. e.g. hull survey, electrical wiring survey etc.

Acceptance Survey

​This is a comprehensive inspection of a new vessel carried out on behalf of the eventual owner and usually involves sea trails.

Valuation Survey

​This is not a survey but a limited inspection based on strictly defined assumptions to provide a value. Usually a market valuation, but could be a 'distress' valuation where the owner needs to sell the vessel immediately.

Tonnage Survey

​This is not a survey but an approved surveyor is required to complete what is essentially a basic measure of the vessels internal volume - a requirement for British part 1 registration.

Boat Safety Scheme Inspection

​An inspection for craft using the inland waterways in order to obtain a licence to cruise. It last for 4 years.​

Insurance Survey

​This is a survey commissioned by the owner of the vessel when the insurer has requested a survey prior to renewing a policy. Typically, these are required when the vessel is 20 yrs old and every 5 years after that. NB Insurers criteria for insurance surveys may vary.

Damage Survey

​This is a survey commissioned by the  insurance company when a vessel insured by them has suffered damage or loss. The survey criteria will vary according to what information insurer needs in dealing with any claim. 

Code of Practice Survey

​This is an inspection to determine whether a vessel complies with various mandatory MCA (Maritime Coastguard Agency) codes of practice. the inspection will typically be commissioned by the owner or agent where the vessel is being used commercially - for charter etc. Most surveying organisations (YDSA), IIMS etc. are approved by the MCA to carry out this work. They then nominate suitably experienced surveyors to complete the inspection.

Pre-Purchase Survey

​A comprehensive survey commissioned by a potential buyer prior to purchase. The survey report will also be used for insuring the vessel after purchase and for any finance company involved in the purchase.

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Metocean Ltd Yacht Surveys

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